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Jada’s Garden & Greenhouse Opening May 1st!

Jada’s Garden & Greenhouse Opening May 1st!

Come check out the newest greenhouse in the area.  I will be opening Monday, May 1st and will have weekday hours from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and will be open on the weekends from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We will have a large selection of annuals, perennials, vegetable and herbs, hanging baskets, shrubs and a select group of trees to complete your landscaping projects. My shop is setup and ready to browse and it is full of pottery, soil and fun garden gift ideas.

We are only a 25 minute drive west of Madison off highway 18/151 in beautiful Blue Mounds, WI.

Deliveries are arriving daily and the greenhouse is filling up with gorgeous plants and shrubs – can’t wait to see you!


Spring has sprung and it’s time to prune!

Pruning is often considered to be one of the more challenging chores for the average home gardener in the Midwest.  Personally, I live to prune and clean up shrubs.  Spring is the best time to prune fruit trees and shrubs including apples, pears, plums, raspberries and blueberries.   The rule of thumb for most fruit trees is to remove all new waterspouts, or suckers and any branches that may be crossing one another.  The goal for pruning fruit tress is to cut branches so that more sunlight can get in to the trees.  I also always try to keep in mind what the tree will look like with leaves and fruit on it!

When pruning raspberries, remove all old, gray colored canes as close to the ground as possible.  Blueberries are a little more difficult.  Remove oldest branches or those that appear to have a grey colored bark flaking off the branch. If pruned correctly, a 10 year old blueberry bush should not be much taller than 5′.

I also remove older and thicker wood from red and yellow dogwoods, chokeberries, curly willow and physocarpus.

Spring IS NOT the time to prune any spring or early summer blooming shrubs, in particular Lilacs.  Something to remember when pruning flowering shrubs is to wait about 2 weeks after the last blooms are spent and then prune by shaping or thinning.

Winter at Jada’s Garden

January is usually a quiet month for gardeners here in SW Wisconsin. In my gardens in Blue Mounds, all perennials are hidden under a layer of snow. The shrubs and trees have finally lost all their leaves, and birds frequent the feeders looking to get something to eat.

This winter, Jada’s Garden is buzzing with plans for the NEW retail garden center that will be built soon! We have hit rock and while the location is pretty, the limestone is providing quite a challenge for the builders!  We are continuing to explore out options for how to get the support posts into the ground.

On a more positive note, the water, electric and gas are all trenched and ready to go.  Additionally,  I  just ordered herb plugs, soil and my checkout desk for the greenhouse. Spring will be exceptionally busy this year, but we hope the anticipation and excitement of our new retail adventure here in town will carry us through.


It’s a great time of year to celebrate harvest, the bounty img_2914of another growing season.  A time to decorate for fall and start thinking about autumn and winter preparation for your garden here in the southern part of Wisconsin.

Fall containers, pumpkin stacks and lanterns filled with mini pumpkins of gourds are simple ways to decorate for the season.

October is also the time when most gardens in southern Wisconsin begin to go dormant and fall cleanup can begin.

I like to start before the first frost.  In Madison, we generally see a light frost anytime after September 27th.  In 2015 we didn’t have our first hard, killing frost until early November.

I cut most perennials to the ground and haul plant matter away for compost.  Shrubs, such as hydrangea paniculata, should be pruned in the fall as well.

Jada’s Garden Plant Plant Sale and Backyard Garden Party

It is an exciting time at Jada’s Garden!  Spring has sprung in the Madison and surrounding area and between mulching, spring cleanup and container designs, April is gone and May is nearly half over already!  It won’t be long and Madison and Dane county gardens will be flourishing!

I am looking forward to the arrival of all my summer annuals, herbs, veggies and shrubs which will be arriving mid May. On May 21st Jada’s Garden will host the 2nd Annual Backyard garden party.  An exciting day that includes a plant sale and the opportunity to design and plant a flowering container that will bloom all summer long!  This year I have added vegetable and herb plants, succulents, and a handful of my favorite perennials.  Guest should bring along a container and we will help you create something different and beautiful.

The party is from 10 a.m – 2 p.m.  Come and enjoy!

Garden Party and Plant Sale

12898387_1091070940932111_5194452170314784108_o2nd Annual Backyard Garden Party and Plant Sale
Saturday, May 21 at 10AM – 2PM
10861 Smokey Mountain Trail
Blue Mounds, WI 53517

Join me for our Garden party and plant sale! You can bring along your favorite outdoor container, and together we will design a container that will last all through the summer. There will be annuals, herbs, succulents and more for sale. I will supply the potting soil and fertilizer.

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