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My name is Jada Hooks. I am the owner of Jada’s Garden, established in 2003.

I graduated from UW Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree, emphasizing International Agriculture, Natural Resources and Fruits and Vegetables. My early work experience focused on native plants in prairies, wetlands and woodlands. I then worked in a large greenhouse on the east coast for several years. There I had hands-on experience in the propagation of perennials and small shrubs. Upon my return to the Midwest, I spent five years as perennial plant manager for a large Madison greenhouse. This experience enhanced my knowledge of houseplants, small shrubs and trees.

My strong work ethic can be accredited to growing up and working on a small dairy and pig farm in southwest Wisconsin. Our farm supported large gardens for both my mother and grandmother. I grew up loving the land and learning as I helped plant, maintain and harvest both food and flowers.

Jada’s Garden offers year round garden maintenance as well as seasonal container design. I specialize in sourcing high quality plant material and general cleanup and garden rehabilitation, including design work.

I teach classes on container design. 2015 featured the first Jada’s Garden Backyard Party. During this fun and festive day, we offered a dazzling array of plant materials and design options for our guests.

My home is in southwestern Wisconsin, where I live with my husband and daughter in the rural beauty of the Blue Mounds hills.

Jada Hooks

Jada Hooks